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Committed to providing the highest quality local artisan products. Each product goes through a rigorous selection to ensure that only high-quality products are featured on our platform.

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You can create items according to your needs and desires.

Sturdy Material

Metal houseware with choices of copper, brass, and iron materials that are stronger and more durable.


Products are crafted by experts in the field of metal furniture.

Decor of Your Dream

Realize your dream home with ARTHEKRAF products.

Low Cost, High Quality

With low costs, achieve your dream home with high-quality products.


For information and orders, please contact Whatsapp 082138956325.

We use "Make to Order" system, where the product will be made if you have made an order, but if there are ready items, we will inform you immediately.

For delivery from Boyolali, Central Java.

Can be via Bank Transfer (BCA & BNI), for account numbers can contact Whatsapp listed.

We are located in Tumang Gunungsari village RT01/RW15, Cepogo, Boyolali, Central Java.